Guaranteed business resilience. 

We believe that the Internet of Things and Edge Computing are valuable elements that every manufacturing company should have in its toolkit. Nowadays, businesses require a connected strategy that dives deep down to the shop floor to upstream all the relevant data in the hands of the business.

A strategic combination: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Edge Computing

IIoT systems play an important role in data enrichment processes augmenting on-site production data by blending the information with additional machine data to deliver more complete insights.

Manufacturing requires additional contextual information to be added at the edge, therefore it relies on Edge Computing. Edge Computing brings computation closer to the physical point where data is generated. It does this by coupling IoT smart devices to the existing legacy equipment.

What are the advantages of using IoT and Edge Computing in the manufacturing sector, especially in discrete manufacturing?

  • Reduced latency to overcome the limitations imposed by traditional cloud-based computing and networks
  • Enhanced responsiveness at the production level while data is processed in real-time
  • Local data retention. Retaining data locally may ease complying with privacy and security policies, avoiding data breaches especially in cases of sensitive data.  Relying on the best-in-class IoT Platforms with embedded security is our way to back up this approach.
  • Network connection failover. Many IoT environments show unreliable network connections. Edge solutions may mitigate the risk of data loss due to poor connections by storing data on local smart device memory temporarily until the connection is restored.
  • Reducing the cost of ingesting and analyzing large amounts of data both in the network and processing layer

How do we deliver easy-to-understand insights of production processes to our customers?

User-friendly and highly configurable dashboards are the answer. We collect real-time data and present them based on the customer’s KPIs. Initial KPIs are defined prior to configuring the dashboards together with the customer’s business and plant operation managers.  Future changes can be carried out by the end users.

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