Manage your energy commodity wisely

Company emissions and energy consumption have an impact on both the environment and their income statement. A key factor in this scenario is the detection of consumption at the usage points. Knowing and controlling the energy consumption let the customer comply with environmental parameters both in terms of regulations and allocated budget.  This is mostly true for those manufacturing companies where energy is meant to be a common raw material. Performing a detailed consumption analysis and monitoring will increase quality and cost control for such companies.

Sustainable cities: smart buildings and smart urban mobility

A Smart City is a sustainable city from all points of view: efficiency, liveability, cost, social community, and environment. This vision can be realized today by using innovative operational and information technology and leveraging edge technologies and artificial intelligence.

For this reason, we help our customers select the best sensors for energy management, enhancing the electrical control panel without replacing it. Our non-invasive and wireless sensors intervene from plugs up to the upper levels and data ingestion. Collected data is then made available in the SAP Cloud Platform with a high level of security maintained throughout the process.

How can we help our customers detect the impact of  uncontrolled energy consumption?

Our starting point is always to address our customers’ needs. We  usually ask them, “What keeps you awake at night?” Their typical responses are as follows: 

  • How much am I consuming in my factory?
  • How do I predict consumption?
  • How can I correlate consumption to my production plan?
  • How do I correlate consumption to people in the office?

Leveraging Edge Computing enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things, we are able to control and reduce a building’s energy consumption by connecting sensors on the edge to control energy consumption at its sources. Data flows from the controlled edge of the factory to the SAP Cloud Platform. We can deliver real-time and predictive analytics using Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning models. 

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