Energy Monitor Powered by SAP

Our well-known solution in the SAP Italy ecosystem helps to monitor the energy consumption of a building, allowing one to take advantage of the tax breaks. The solution supports the investigation on the most relevant Energy Key Performance Indicators such as:

  • total consumption of the building
  • consumption of energy (related to the people that usually frequent the building)
  • carbon footprint calculation

More on Energy Monitor

The solution includes non-invasive sensors that we select to run natively in the SAP on-premise gateway. When data is pulled in the SAP Cloud Platform, it goes under a transformation process to deliver the relevant insights, accessible by the key people reporting to the energy manager.

Ennova Industries has an extensive knowledge of both software and hardware and also supports our customers’ personnel in sensor implementation.

Take Aways:

  • A complete assessment covering both the building and the electric panel
  • Bounded Implementation Time: usually less than 6 months on average installations
  • Overall competitive costs
  • Support, training, user guides and users guidance