Connect the plant to enhance overall efficiency

Monitoring and tracking the production process of goods are essential to ensure overall efficiency, especially in today’s complex environment where companies aim to connect objects. 5G is becoming the norm across manufacturers just like electric and alternative energy. It is becoming necessary to equip factories with smart devices to centralize control and increase communication between businesses and their factory shop floors.

Manufacturing runs better at the edge

Adding IoT devices to manufacturing equipment where locally existing process control solutions, such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), enables data to flow from the device to IoT platforms for additional computing and analysis. At a higher level, the IoT layer interacts with the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to create the basis for Predictive Maintenance. Once the equipment is connected, we use three powerful software components to extract the data for analysis: AI Platform, Datalab and Insights.

How can we help our customers monitor production processes?

IIoT and Edge Computing components are key to delivering business-relevant insights and metrics on:

  • production progression data
  • workload distribution
  • set up time/downtime

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