Digitalize your production process with Production Assistant

 We help our customers in monitoring the manufacturing production process. We implement production monitoring solutions using our on-premise and/or cloud-based solution Production Assistant.

Our solution connects with almost any management software. It takes inputs from the production order lists, distributing orders on the production lines on a customizable priority basis.

Production Assistant lets you:

  • Analyze line hours vs. single personnel operator hours
  • Analyze personnel operator hours per product
  • Manage the workload distribution on the production lines
  • Monitor how the production progresses vs the expected progression

Take Aways:

  • Bounded Implementation Time: usually less than 6 months on average implementation sites
  • Competitive license costs
  • Support, training, user guides, and users guidance (e.g. selecting the right hardware, smart devices, or sensors as needed)
  • AMS 24/7